The protagonist is a space cowboy, who’s been alone in space for years. Earth was destroyed by an asteroid and he’s all that remains. He drifts through space, finding remnants of humanity while also trying to salvage whatever he can with the use of his rover. He could power his rover using sunlight, but it wouldn’t last long enough to find a planet that can sustain life.

He receives a distress signal from Earth and sets course for the planet hoping that there may be survivors. Instead, he finds something worse: The planet is on the verge of being sucked into a black hole and at least three species of aliens are vying for control. It becomes clear that whatever he finds on Earth will probably determine what happens next for the universe. .The main threat is the Anu, an advanced race of warrior aliens that seem to be the ones pulling all the strings. They have technology and weapons far beyond any Earth civilization can muster, and they’re willing to do anything to achieve victory-no matter what needs to be done. They’ve already killed thousands of humans with their powerful weapons.


JD Taylor